Wenzel Enhances CMM Accuracy

Engineers at WENZEL work continuously to improve the accuracy of their Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). Wenzel has announced that the latest results, achieved during the last year, are so significant that they allow it to re-categorize its CMM accuracy standards to reflect the actual accuracy figures being achieved today.

Wenzel in the past categorized its CMMs into three accuracy classes namely Standard, Premium and Premium Select. The accuracy of the Standard class machines have become as accurate as the previous Premium class machines and as a consequence are reclassifying them accordingly.

As the accuracy of the Standard class machines has improved, so also have the other classes with Premium machines now as accurate as Premium Select machines with Premium Select machines now offering further accuracy improvements in the range of 0.3µm. The Wenzel Premium Select LH65 and LH87 models are now sub-micron accuracy rated at 0.8 + L/450 [µm].

For more information: www.wenzel-group.com