Wenzel Achieves 9000th Measuring Machine

The WENZEL Group has announced the installation of its landmark 9000th high-tech measuring machine. Designed and manufactured by WENZEL, the product follows another important milestone in the German metrology specialist’s history, with the firm also recently commemorating its 50th year in business.

The installation of the 9000th machine, an LH 1512 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) coincides with a record-breaking output of almost €92m for the company in 2018, with strong sales success across its four global regions. The CMM installation also brings the company full circle with WENZEL’s prestigious history as its very first measuring machine was also sold in Austria. WENZEL’s 9000th customer is voestalpine Krems GmbH. With further growth expected over the next few years, the record-breaking sale is exemplary of the German companies strong position in the metrology market, as well as a mark of how measurement products are heading into the digital manufacturing era.

Lauding the landmark installation and prosperity across the region, Dr. Heike Wenzel, managing partner of WENZEL Group GmbH & Co. KG, said: “In 1981, the very first measuring machine built by WENZEL was sold by GGW Gruber in Austria. Now, the 9000th machine manufactured in the German factory with the serial number 189000 has also gone to Austria. That cannot be a coincidence.”

Installed at the Krems site in Austria, the decision to purchase the WENZEL LH 1512 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine by voestalpine means the firm can streamline its operations across the automotive, construction, energy and wine & fruit sectors with high levels of performance and accuracy. Like all WENZEL machinery, the new CMM has been engineered from granite to eliminate heat sensitivity and increase precision within its new environment. The low cost of ownership, as well as the optimal price-performance ratio of the WENZEL CMM, were also core motivating factors behind the purchase of the 18-tonne machine by the Austrian technology specialist.

Renowned for its precision, the LH CMM is the latest in high performance, bridge-style technology. Its long-term mechanical accuracy and ergonomic design, along with sensor choices to suit a wide range of applications, means the machine is ideally suited for applications requiring high throughput. The WENZEL LH 1512’s gantry is specifically designed for the inspection of large-volume and heavy work-pieces.

For more information: www.wenzel-group.com