Weistec Supercharge Reverse Engineering With Point2CAD Software

Weistec Engineering, located in Santa Ana, California, is an industry leader in research, development, and design of Turbochargers. Ranging from the Mercedes C-Class to the SLS AMG, Weistec Engineering is not only the fi­rst company to calibrate a forced induction solution for M 156/159, they are the ­first to achieve this on the highly sophisticated Mercedes ECU. This major accomplishment has ­finally paid off as Weistec Engineering is proud to announce the “50 State Legal” status of the stage 1 M 156/159 Supercharger System.

Weistec Engineering invested in Point2CAD software, an indispensable software for reverse-engineering physical parts within SolidWorks. With Point2CAD, users can quickly and easily create parametric models of physical parts by probing geometries such as lines, arcs, slots, and splines. Using a portable arm CMM is like using a mouse but with the added ability to capture data live in 3D. The ability to create splines on cross section allows the user to reverse engineer more complex shapes.  Users can even check their work or get guidance for defining tolerance, by probing over the part using the deviation check function.

Point2CAD is an add-in for SolidWorks, instead of a standalone application, and takes advantage of the user’s knowledge of CAD design principles. Anyone with prior SolidWorks experience can begin utilizing the software immediately.

Prior to using Point2CAD, Weistec used 3D modeler software to create and transfer basic sketches over to SolidWorks to fi­nish their reverse engineering. During this process, Weistec dealt with many tedious processes (“clean-up jobs”). Weistec owner Michael Weiss states, “3D modeler software did not allow us to set an origin and did not have proper tools and functions that SolidWorks has.” Weistec was frustrated because of these limitations and the need convert the sketches over to SolidWorks with the proper normal vector. If the sketches would not import properly,  hours and hours were spent to do a clean-up job and additionally accuracy and consistency were not there.”

With Point2CAD, Weistec is no longer concerned with these clean-up jobs.  “The nice thing about Point2CAD is we can utilize all the tools in SolidWorks while getting basic sketches using the portable arm.” Since Point2CAD is an Add-In for SolidWorks, transferring sketches across software is eliminated. Not only that, Point2CAD allows Weiss to defi­ne origins and proper coordinate systems for his sketches. “Normally, I would rapid prototype a part that has been reverse engineered to test since casting is expensive and time-consuming. But now, I trust my CAD data more than ever. I skip the rapid-prototyping process,” Michael emphasized.

Recently, Weistec took on two projects where Point2CAD greatly saved time. One involved a Super Charger Inlet Tube where Point2CAD, was used to grab splines, bolt patterns, and planes to get a perfect outline of the tube. The task was completed by lofting and connecting these features together.  “It took about 30 min to reverse engineer this [Super Charger Inlet Tube] whereas using 3D modeler software would have taken much longer.”

Reverse Engineering Software
Point2CAD Command Plate

To help streamline the workflow, the software utilizes a command plate which is printed out and placed within the working volume. This allows the user to access all of the vital tools with the touch probe, without having to go back to the mouse and keyboard.

Point2CAD is compatible with multiple portable CMMs including Faro arms, MicroScribe, Romer arms, Kreon arms, PreciTrack 3D Optical Tracker, 6DOF Systems Karbon Optical Tracker.

For more information www.point2cad.com