VX3D Provides CT Data Visualization and Analysis

VX3D software, developed by 3DII, is a software platform for the visualization and analysis of CT data. VX3D offers intuitive visualization and provides users with a palette of measurement tools and powerful reporting functions for 2D or 3D data analysis.

VX3D was specially developed for industrial CT applications and is able to perform defect analysis. The add-on VXPI module provides automatic porosity detection based on 3D X-ray CT imaging data and can be used as an add-on module of VX3D or as stand-alone software. VXPI is able to provide information on the size, volume, location, and density of inclusions and cavities and can detect defects, such as shrinkage cavities, gas pores, and foreign materials in aluminum, magnesium, iron, zinc, and plastic. Customized setup for identifying defects is available depending on the manufacturer’s quality requirements for casting components.

VXEI is an electronic chip inspection module based on 3D CT X-ray imaging data, which can act as VX3D’s add-on module or as stand-alone software. Based on the ball shape, location, and volume information, VXEI is able to detect defects, including open solder joints, missing solder joints, solder bridges, and abnormal solder balls (big, small, or head-in-pillow shapes).

3DII is located in Korea and was founded in 2010 from a University of Seoul research project.

For more information: www.3dii.net