Volume Graphics Releases VGStudio MAX 3.0

VGStudio MAX 3.0, the latest version of high-end software for the analysis and visualization of industrial computed tomography (CT) data now more than ever, the meets the requirements for a future-proof solution for non-destructive testing.

New: User Interface

The user interface improves on the previous version without straying too far from it; under the hood, it uses state-of-the-art technologies:

  • In addition to the familiar bright theme, VGStudio MAX 3.0 offers a new dark theme that is perfect for working with gray value images.
  • Bright or dark: The new user interface increases usability across the application


    Improved Performance

    VGStudio MAX 3.0 has been completely redeveloped in order to use the full performance of modern hardware:

  • Open large data sets significantly faster by installing VGStudio MAX 3.0 on a PC with built–in, current SSD or even SSD RAID storage.
  • To significantly speed up the calculation of complex tasks, the add-on modules CT Reconstruction and Transport Phenomena use one or multiple GPUs.
  • Unload gray values with the new unload/reload data function. Work with high-resolution CT data sets on less powerful PCs and easily transfer such projects. Analysis results – even those based on gray values – are preserved.


    Data Integrity and Safety Features

    VGStudio MAX 3.0 makes working with files seamless, simple, and extra secure:

  • The raw data is now protected against unwanted exchanges and manipulations.
  • An improved open function helps those of you who have several users accessing the same project files.
  • A single-file option combines all files and folders – including the source data – into one single file.

Improved: Work with Voxel, Point Cloud, CAD, and Mesh Data

VGStudio MAX 3.0 offers plenty of options to import and work natively with CAD, mesh, and point cloud data:

  • VGStudio MAX 3.0 now works with point cloud data in addition to voxel, CAD, and mesh data.
  • It reduces measurement uncertainty because geometry object fitting is optimized for each supported data type (voxel, CAD, mesh, and point cloud data).
  • It supports the import of point clouds provided in ASCII files.
  • Corrupted CAD and mesh data can be repaired and optimized during import.
  • CAD and mesh rendering capabilities have been vastly improved.
  • You can convert CAD or mesh data to voxel, voxel to mesh, mesh to point cloud, and point cloud to mesh.
  • Regions of Interest (ROI) can now also be created on CAD or mesh data and then be used for nominal/actual comparisons and wall thickness analyses.
  • Create ROI templates on the CAD model – before the actual CT scan. In combination with evaluation templates, this allows for fast, automated geometry inspection tasks.


    Improved :Bookmarks

    In VGStudio MAX 3.0, you can now export and import bookmarks (just like templates) and apply them to different data sets. Bookmarks let you switch easily between different project views with multiple objects, analyses, and/or measurements:

  • Export and import bookmarks.
  • Apply bookmarks to different data sets.
  • Also works within macros.


  • New: Active Columns
  • Quickly switch between parameters for color-coding. Active columns in VGStudio MAX 3.0 are a clever new feature for displaying analysis results:Choose the parameters you want to be the basis for color-coding your findings in visualizations or for your statistics.
  • For example, switch between visualizing a defect by its volume and its diameter with the click of a mouse.Improved: Macros and templatresMacros are a convenient way to automate processes. VGStudio MAX 3.0 comes with a completely new flexible macro concept.
  • Save complex analysis procedures as macros to run them on a single data set or – using the batch processing tool – on several data sets.
  • The new macro concept lets you combine and rearrange macros like building blocks. This way, you can flexibly reuse macros in different contexts.
  • As before, you can save complex measurement plans or analysis parameterizations (e.g., porosity or fiber orientation analyses) as templates to reuse them later.
    Improved: InstrumentsVGStudio MAX 3.0 also comes with improved instruments for measuring, e.g., distances, gray values, and angles: Instruments now support macros and templates, tolerances for evaluation states and combined analysis.VGStudio MAX 3.0 also introduces long-awaited features for the convincing presentation of CT data: A Picture-in-Picture option and an Anti-Aliasing option.

    Full details at http://www.volumegraphics.com/en/products/vgstudio-max-30/basic-version/