Volume Graphics Releases User-Centric Version 3.1 CT Software

Volume Graphics, a provider of analysis and visualization software for industrial computed tomography (CT) data, has made immense strides with the 3.1 version of its software solutions VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, VGinLINE, VGMETROLOGY, and myVGL in the areas that are most important to users in metrology and defect analysis. The innovations include optimized defect analysis, automatic recognition and fitting of geometry elements, and automated generation of reference systems.

An overview of the new functions included in version 3.1 are:

  • Enhanced metrology functions:
    • Automatically recognize and fit geometry elements with a single mouse click
    • Automated generation of datum systems
    • Creation of common datums
    • Torus geometry element
  • 3D rotation options for improved usability
  • Extended wall thickness analysis: Sphere method for calculation of wall thickness even for complex geometries in addition to the classic ray method
  • New defect analysis VGEasyPore: Get results faster due to simple parameterization and short calculation times
  • Further developed: Enhanced porosity/inclusion analysis according to VDG rule P 202, now including a “local adaptive” mode for improved pore detection
  • Import of textured meshes and colored point clouds for improved documentation and visual analysis
  • Drawing tool with upper and lower threshold values for easier segmentation even with fluctuating gray values
  • Enveloping Region of Interest (ROI) for the specific analysis of near-surface properties
  • Faster structural mechanics simulation by distributed computing on up to 16 network computers
  • Improved CT Reconstruction Module with tabs for navigation, optimized image quality for helical CT reconstruction (FBP), and improved performance of metal artifact correction
  • New in myVGL: Option to adjust the resolution when loading volume data resulting in less memory usage
  • Further improved read and write performance in all applications

With these features, Volume Graphics aims to help customers produce more efficiently, examine quality more extensively, and better manage the resulting data. “Enabling better products has always been our goal. We have been developing our software for 20 years now,” says CEO Christof Reinhart. “CT is a great tool for creating a precise and detailed digital picture of a product in one step, or its “digital twin”, if you will. However, the analysis and visualization functions of our software are what make the information contained in the CT scan fully accessible.”

A Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module will soon be released, allowing users to correct the geometry of the tool, mold, or part itself based on deviations of the scanned part from the target model.

For more information: www.volumegraphics.com