Vision Engineering Report Mantis Microscope Success

Vision Engineering has announces that it has sold over 20,000 Mantis microscope products in the last five years. The Mantis range of ergonomic eyepiece-less stereo microscopes offers superb optical performance with magnification options up to 20x, making it a perfect alternative to more traditional inspection stereo microscopes.

The Mantis, introduced in 1994, was the world’s first ‘eyepiece-less’ stereo microscope – its high-performance capabilities which focused on operator comfort soon became Vision Engineering’s best-selling product. Since then, Vision Engineering has continued to pursue a corporate design and innovation policy that concentrates on optimising operator performance when using optical systems in the manufacturing sectors and industries.

Mantis is still Vision Engineering’s most successful and popular product-range, offering Mantis Compact, Mantis Elite, and Mantis Elite-Cam HD to aid workers in production, quality control and rework environments. The clarity, user-comfort and optical performance of a Mantis microscope has saved manufacturing companies many man-hours, reduced materials wastage and ensured quality and conformance to desired specifications.

“We are thrilled to see the continued success of Mantis – even after so many years, it’s clear that many workers in the manufacturing industry require the combination of precision and comfort which is simply not attainable with any other microscope range on the market. The popularity of one of our leading products is a testament to the power and clarity of our eyepiece-less microscope. This confirms that workers manufacture better quality materials, components and equipment whilst simultaneously speeding up processes and improving workplace efficiency.”

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