Virtek Announces Next Generation Platform of Vision-Driven Laser Positioning

Virtek has announce Virtek Iris 3D with the new Vision Positioning System (VPS). The VPS packs powerful functionality in a compact and portable frame, significantly improving productivity in current applications such as ply layup, plus opening new opportunities to apply precision laser alignment and positioning technology into new markets and applications.

“This new vision integration with laser projection technology will dramatically improve processes in the composite and aerospace markets,” said Sean Francoz, senior product manager at Virtek. “Initial feedback from our customers has been extremely positive and very encouraging. The new system has been described as ‘game changing’ technology for laser projection.”

VPS is the latest advancement in the Iris product line. The simplified system setup and operator ease of use paired with the VPS system will help eliminate costly delays with alignment during the assembly process.

This next generation technology is setting new standards in the industry and extends Virtek’s already leading-edge technology with a software platform that supports both targeted and targetless applications. This will help accelerate the aerospace assembly process by eliminating templates, reducing human errors and safeguarding quality throughout.

“With constant change in our customers’ markets and processes they need a flexible solution that is able to move between applications,” stated Sean Francoz. “In markets where accuracy translates to safety, having a product to ensure precision is paramount.”

VPS introduces a new feature called FlashAlign, which eliminates manual target alignment. With the new VPS series, our customers will experience a 20x faster set up. The robustness and intelligence of the technology enables more efficient assembly and significantly improves workflows and leads to increased productivity.

Customers will experience critical time savings with VPS. “With every alignment, we could save more than 1 minute with FlashAlign. We no longer need to re-align before inspecting every ply. There are hundreds of plies in every ship set and this savings is huge for us,” said a valued Virtek Customer.

“VPS and Iris 3D are the first in a series of new product and technology introductions. Our development team has been working hard and we’re excited about the positive customer feedback we have received thus far,” stated Todd Rhodes, Virtek’s vice president and general manager. “Virtek has a history of innovating and our product road map will continue that tradition. More important, we will provide our customers with high-quality solutions that solve real problems, are easy to use, and improve productivity – all while providing outstanding service and support.”

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