Versatile Robotic 3D Scanner

Raptor3DX, from Korean company VYLO, is a versatile hybrid optical scanner providing both automatic and manual stationary scanning modes. The compact, detachable stereo scanning sensor acts as a powerful sensor engine when used in automatic mode and a flexible 3D scanner when detached and used in stationary mode.

The Raptor3DX robotic platform allows automatic digitizing of an part with a single click; the fully automatic platform with vertically mounted sensor provide a full 360° part scan. No part clamping is required and the auto-sync scan function automatically positions the part where additional scans are required.

The Raptor3DX platform measures 700 x 916 x 252mm with a 450mm sensor stand-off. Field of view offered is 150, 330, 500 mm (2 Mega-Pixel) /and 100, 300, 600 mm for (5 Mega-Pixel) version.

The 3-axis scanning platform offers 360° part rotation / -5° to 90° sensor arm motion and a ±45° sensor rotation.

Proprietary Stable Scan Stage (SSS) Technology

  • No requirement for fixture to hold part when scanning
  • Scanner sensor motion provides stable environment when scanning
  • Intelligent Auto View Sync

Fully automated scanning process

  • One-touch automatic scanning process
  • 360 degrees rotation axis, -5 to 90 degrees arm axis

Stationary Mode

  • Scanner module can be mounted on a stationary tripod for manual positioning
  • Ideal for scanning larger objects

Generated scan data is compatible with third party inspection and reverse engineering software or the system can be used with companies 3DX Engine Scanning Software.

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