Verisurf Universal CMM Software is Hardware Neutral

Verisurf’s Universal CMM is a software only solution that enables seamless communication between Verisurf AUTOMATE and all popular Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and probe head controllers. The software simplifies CMM programming by allowing users to simply just click on CAD features and they are automatically included in the AUTO inspect plan that will then automatically run the CMM.

CMM users no longer need to tolerate the outdated metrology software that came with their CMM. Universal CMM allows users to run Verisurf on all common brands of motorized CMMs from the world’s leading manufacters which means users don’t have to maintain different metrology software for each proprietary CMM or endure reduced productivity because the one person who knows how to use the proprietary software is unavailable.

 Universal CMM enables direct, plug-&-play communications between the CMM controller and Verisurf’s open-standard I++ client resulting in an easy-to-use system offering productivity improvements that have benefited the many global manufacturers who select Verisurf.

As a software only solution, Universal CMM eliminates the need for costly and disruptive controller and probing system hardware upgrades or retrofits. Typically, installing and configuring the Verisurf Universal CMM software is all that is required to start using Verisurf on an existing CMM. Users can also continue to use legacy software and inspection programs as necessary to avoid productivity interruptions while full migration to Verisurf occurs.

In addition to communicating with CMM controllers, Universal CMM utilizes existing CMM error map files on the CMM’s controller or CMM PC and apply this information for error correction during operation.

Once Universal CMM is set up, you can begin using Verisurf Automate to interactively build, edit, preview, and submit inspection plans to your CMM. Verisurf Automate users are immediately productive with a rich 3D environment that includes an object oriented operations manager, point-and-click CAD feature extraction, and solid model associativity.

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