Verisurf Showcase Cyber-Physical Model Measurement

Verisurf Software showcased its cyber-physical measurement solutions at the EMO exhibition. Verisurf 2019 software, running with Mastercam software, illustrated the valuable connection between intelligent, cyber 3D CAD models in perfect alignment with physical parts, performing automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning and reverse engineering, tool building and assembly guidance applications.

In support of Industry 4.0 customer initiatives, Verisurf software provides a vital link between the intelligent CAD model and the physical part, while maintaining the all-important digital thread. This is made possible through Verisurf Model-Based Definition (MBD), and the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI). With Verisurf MBD, the intelligent CAD model becomes a virtual ‘golden part,’ and the authority to which all finished parts are compared. The Verisurf VDI connects and aligns the physical part to the 3D CAD model using virtually any portable or fixed CMM. When connected, the movements and actions of the CMM are captured and presented in the software, in real-time.  Verisurf software users work and think in both cyber and physical space, increasing efficiency and maintaining digital continuity.

“When users combine the power of Verisurf on top of Mastercam the result is a very robust, integrated solution on a single platform, providing 3D CAD, CAM, Automated Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Tool Building, and Assembly Guidance, all tied together with cyber-physical connectivity in direct support of Industry 4.0 concepts,” said Kai Gärtling, Verisurf Regional Sales Manager, Germany.

Verisurf software is based on the Mastercam CAD platform, which provides additional benefits to Mastercam users.

  • Verisurf and Mastercam share the same Windows interface and user experience. When Verisurf is activated it is added to the drop-down navigation within Mastercam, providing seamless transition between the two programs.
  • Verisurf and Mastercam share the same database structure so files are easily accessed and updated between the two programs.
  • Verisurf and Mastercam use similar application queue, which streamlines user education and training.

“Verisurf 2019 provides a common inspection and measurement platform for the manufacturing enterprise; it allows users to create a single inspection plan that can be implemented across all measuring devices, regardless of type or brand,” said Gärtling. Verisurf 2019 can be used to program and operate new and legacy CNC CMMs, and the same inspection routine can also be used with portable arms and trackers. “This universal compatibility provides increased productivity and continuity between first article and production inspection, as well as the flexibility to move between the quality lab and the shop floor,” added Gärtling.

Verisurf 2019 is available in German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Spanish language versions.

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