Verisurf Announces Faro Software Solution Suites

Verisurf Software, Inc. has announced the availability of its Faro® Solution Suites, a combination of popular Verisurf application modules configured to provide easy to learn, easy to use vertical measurement solutions using any new or legacy Faro device. Faro Solution Suites, by Verisurf are cost-effective and include purchase options to match the needs of individual customers, including site license and subscription options.

“The Faro Solution Suites are designed to address the vertical needs of customers who are looking for cost effective solutions to streamline or automate specific processes,” said Ernie Husted, President and CEO of Verisurf Software, Inc. “Many customers require the full complement of Verisurf Software, but for Faro users looking for highly productive vertical solutions, the Faro Solution Suites are the way to go.”

Customers can choose from four different Solution Suites:

  • 3D Scanning and Inspection Suite – CAD/MEASURE/ANALYSIS
  • 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Suite – CAD/MEASURE/REVERSE
  • Tool Building and Inspection Suite – CAD/MEASURE/BUILD
  • Laser Projection and Inspection Suite – CAD/MEASURE/PROJECT

Faro Solution Suites, by Verisurf are made up of select best-in-class application modules, including:

Verisurf CAD – capable of reading all native CAD file formats, allowing customers to work with any CAD model – solid, surface or wire-frame. Model-based Definition (MBD) lets users set unique IDs, tolerances and GD&T constraints in the model for any surface, feature or other critical inspection item.

Verisurf MEASURE –  works with CAD models or blueprints to provide measurement of features from precise single points to scanned point clouds. Smart tools automatically recognize and display features during the measuring process, making it easy to learn and easy to use.

Verisurf ANALYSIS – connects with all CAD source data and quickly verifies part tolerance by comparing measured points to nominal features in the CAD model; any deviation from the nominal is graphically presented in real-time. Quality Reports can be output in all popular presentation files formats, including Windows® and Adobe® PDF.

Verisurf REVERSE – is a complete Reverse Engineering (RE) solution to create CAD models from measured parts.  Recreate CAD models of complete parts or specific features, capture complex surface profiles and much more.

Verisurf BUILD – uses real-time feedback from the CAD model as a guide to position movable tooling details to their nominal position. BUILD uses the same data for model-based inspection of assemblies and machined parts.

Verisurf PROJECT – allows live pick-and-shoot programing of selected CAD geometry onto any surface, making assembly routines more efficient, eliminating hard tooling and reducing errors by referencing nominal MBD CAD data.

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