Updated Baty Venture XT Vision System Showcased

BATY, a Bowers Group company’ , demonstrated their new Venture XT at the recent EMO exhibition in Hanover, Germany. The newly styled, cost conscious, Venture XT vision system includes an extended Z axis 200mm measuring range and new column design with integral Z axis counter balance. Faster X-Y axis drives, touch screen, greater field of view and a magnification offering up to 12x zoom. Product enhancements also include a major redesign of the software providing users the following features:

  • Self-calibrating zoom lens with Field of View FOV) error correction
  • Improved auto-focus with find and measure from a distance in one move
  • Image stitching allowing large XY region to be scanned and displayed as single image
  • Live overlay’s, dimensions and features on the camera (stitched) image (allows driving the machine to features and displaying location relative unmeasured part features)
  • One grab measurement of all features in FOV
  • One click measurement tool
  • All features in area tool
  • Scan curve tool
  • Optional CAD comparison with touch-probe programming from 3D model

For more information: www.bowersmetrology.co.uk