Universal Metrology Software Drives Smart Factory Interoperability

Metrologic Group’s focus is on standardization and making it possible for the quality chain to work as a whole, from quality labs to inline production, and be fully integrated in the manufacturing workflow. During this year’s Control Show, in Stuttgart, the company demonstrated its software packages’ ability to operate any type of 3D measurement device and simultaneously supervise operations taking place on the different measurement equipment devices. Central to its main demonstration four different 3D measurement devices simultaneously inspected an automotive body-in-white.

Metrology is becoming central to manufacturing industry and the next generation of smart factory.

  • Metrology links the digital part model (CAD) with the manufactured part;
  • A universal metrology software connects a whole chain of measurement equipment, independent of brand or technology, making all measuring equipment inter-operable;
  • Universal metrology software provides consistent inspection data and allows instant sharing with the enterprise in an adaptive manufacturing process;

Metrologic Group designs and develops its 3D measurement solutions with a smart factory perspective. “Our software solutions are universal, meaning they are efficient for all kind of applications, with any measuring tool, and capable of seamlessly integrating and communicating in network organizations. It is a prerequisite for 4.0 factory metrology, and it makes our software suite the best take-off runway towards it”, says Bertrand Gili, President of Metrologic Group.

Metrologic also presented it X4 i-Holo, a 3D measurement mixed reality solution, based on the Microsoft HoloLens platform, X4 i-Holo provides an easy-to-use and simple collaborative tool. Using the HoloLens interactive interface supporting gaze tracking, voice activation and self-repositioning, X4 i-Holo snaps the computed measurement results to the actual part, color-maps deviations and provides instructions to the operator using a live hologram representations directly over the real part.

Monitoring the productivity of an expensive 3D automated measurement equipment is a critical task; monitoring several from afar complex. Metrologic’s X4 i-Supervision offers the simultaneous supervision of 3D measurements taking place on different kinds of measuring machines (CMMs, Robots, etc.).

Regardless of measuring devices connected, Metrologic X4 software products have a native, direct and live connection to X4 i-Supervision. The web-based application displays measurement data in user-friendly, visual graphs and charts. Operators and supervisors may access the information from their desktop or mobile device and check on inspection progress, get reporting information on specific KPIs, and analyze production data.

For more information: www.metrologicgroup.com

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