Universal Metrology Automation Provides Lights-Out Part Inspection Solution

3D Infotech, a metrology systems integrator located in Irvine, California, has introduced a cost-effective Universal Metrology Automation (UMA) solution for the mass part inspection market.   By utilizing its proprietary ‘Streamline’ automation software, 3D Infotech is able to deliver easy-to-use metrology automation solutions quickly to customers.

The UMA Desktop system utilizes 3D snapshot sensors for high resolution measurement of surfaces, in conjunction with Universal Robots collaborative robot (cobot) with an integrated rotary table acting as a 7th axis and PolyWorks Metrology Software Suite which is used for the data analysis and reporting. With UMA 3D Infot3ech is able to deliver an affordable, flexible, easy-to-use automated inspection solution capable of both global and local measurements.

Combined with the variety of field of view (FOV) and accuracy specifications offered UMA is the ideal solution to measure parts from any industry.  The use of a cobot allow humans to work alongside without the need for expensive and cumbersome fencing or safety area scanners.  The UMA Desktop is built with the operator in mind, providing a touch screen interface that makes is easy and quick to teach the robot, rather than “program”.

Multi-sensor options are also available, combining laser scanning to the overall measurement cycle to reduce cycle times, while meeting tolerance requirements to inspect parts. UMA solutions scaleable allowing integration into a lights-out manufacturing environment.

The Streamline software enables rapid deployment of metrology automation projects by providing a simple workflow and user interface allowing customers to quickly setup inspection templates. Once measurement results have been processed, reports and other traceability data can be seamlessly delivered to enterprise data management systems. Multipart variability can be tracked using SPC to improve production processes, reduce failure and increase repeatability.

UMA Desktop has many successful deployments being used to inspect everything from consumer products, electronics assemblies, and small automotive and aerospace components.  Companies that have implemented UMA are reporting reduced scrap rates, repeatable process, more time savings (up to 20 times faster than current process), and the ability to completely inspect (100% coverage) a high volume of parts.  “The solution adds tremendous value to companies of all sizes through analysis of surface data, advanced GD&T, and Statistical Process Control” states 3D Infotech CEO Rohit Khanna.

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