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Universal Coordinate Metrology Training Extended

The universal training platform for coordinate measurement specialists, AUKOM, had extended its training modules with the addition of new modules targeted at production measurement engineers.

This new seminar series offers the optimal knowledge update for measurement engineers who have previously attended AUKOM Level 1 and 2 and AUKON GD&T or Level 3.

The AUKOM organization state “we want to support measurement engineers in their ongoing development process. Because only people who possess up-to-date knowledge can profitably communicate, reduce measurement uncertainties, and provide reliable and comparable measurement results.”

The new seminar consists of two parts with a total duration of 3 days which can be taken separately by engineers.

Update 2020 Part A, duration: 2 days
Update 2020 Part B, duration: 1 day

The latest knowledge on the following topics is conveyed in the training sessions

Update 2020 Part A:

  • Standard definitions of size, form and position according to ISO 1101, 14405 etc.
  • Sensor technology: Fringe projection, photogrammetry, computer tomography…
  • Creation of measurement strategies; optimal use of and requirements for the use of filters and compensating algorithms

Update 2020 Part B:

  • PMI current status, challenges, future potential
  • Save time and costs through successful communication, learn directly on practical examples from measurement technology.
  • Not all measurement results are the same; handling different sensors; comparison of measurement results.

The course are available globally, in local languages, through a number of metrology equipment and service providers.

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