Universal 3D Metrology Software Delivers Smart Factory

Metrologic Group’s constant focus on standardization is making it possible for the quality chain to work as a whole, from quality labs to inline production, and be fully integrated in the manufacturing workflow. During this year’s Control Show, in Stuttgart, the company demonstrated its software packages’ ability to operate any kind of 3D measurement device; to make the most out of them; and to simultaneously supervise operations taking place on the different measurement devices.

Metrology is central to manufacturing industry and the Smart Factory of the future as it links the CAD model and manufactured part. A universal metrology software connects the whole chain of measurement equipment, whatever the brand or technologies, making them inter-operable and allowing inspection data to be consistent and instantly utilized in an adaptive manufacturing process or shared with engineering.

Our software solutions are universal –meaning they are efficient for all kind of applications, with any measuring tool– and capable of seamlessly integrating and communicating in network organizations. It is a prerequisite for 4.0 factory metrology, and it makes our software suite the best take-off runway towards it”, says Bertrand Gili, President of Metrologic Group.

Metrologic Group illustrated at the Control Show four different 3D measurement devices simultaneously inspecting a body-in-white:

  • The new Coordinate Measuring Robot (CMR) – jointly developed by Metrologic and Stäubli Robotics, powered by Metrolog X4 i-Robot– for robotized CMM measuring quality with no tracking system;
  • Kuka’s KMR iiwa with Faro Cobalt scanner for autonomous collaborative inspection fully driven by Metrolog X4 i-Robot;
  • A Kuka robot equipped with a Creaform MetraScan and C-Track tracking camera controlled by Metrolog X4 i-Robot;
  • A Nikon Laser Radar MV operated by Metrolog X4.

To complete the smart factory 3D measurement snapshot, visitors to the Metrologic Group booth were also able to:

  • Experience immersive mixed reality inspection with Microsoft HoloLens and X4 i-Holo software;
  • Experience 3D measurement simulation with Silma X4, Metrologic Group’s offline analysis and virtual programming software, offering advanced GD&T, virtual gaging, reporting and simulation;
  • View a comprehensive CMM solution (Erowa’s QI CMM with a SP25 and a Kreon Zephir II line scanner) showing the Metrolog X4 software package’s ability to drive the automatic switch from tactile to laser optical probe;
  • Evaluate three different articulated arm brands equipped with optical scanners for high density point cloud inspection operated by the Metrolog X4 software;
  • Discover Metrologic Group’s application for 3D measurement supervision, X4 i-Supervision

The demonstrations highlighted the ability of the Metrologic software suite (Metrolog X4 for driving 3D measurements and analyzing results; its robot-dedicated version, Metrolog X4 i-Robot; and their virtual programming versions, Silma X4 and Silma X4 i-Robot) to virtually program and get the most out of all kinds of 3D measurement devices and technologies, including most challenging point clouds.

For more information: www.metrologicgroup.com