Ultrasonic Touch Probe Measures Wall Thickness

Hexagon has introduced the RWP20.50-G-UTP ultrasonic touch probe that makes it simple to automatically measure the thickness of the walls of larger parts directly on the machine tool, resulting in significantly faster inspections and enhanced data capture.

Measuring the wall thickness of parts manually is a time-consuming process that generates machine tool down-time. The RWP20.50-G-UTP ultrasonic touch probe transforms the procedure by using ultrasound to automatically measure wall thickness within the machine tool part set-up. Supported by dedicated thickness measurement software, the RWP20.50-G-UTP is compatible with the control software for Siemens, Heidenhain and Fanuc controllers, making it easy to capture and visualize measurement data directly on the shop floor and allowing its export it for use in other programs.

Integrating Hexagon’s robust, proven radio-wave technology, the RWP20.50-G-UTP operates in the 2.4GHz frequency range. Like other probes from Hexagon, the RWP20.50-G-UTP has a robust, modular design and can be converted into a dimensional or temperature probe simply by changing the measuring unit, opening it up to a wider range of applications integrated into the machine tool.  And in contrast to other ultrasonic solutions, the RWP20.50-G-UTP works without any coupling fluids, which simplifies operations and helps keep parts cleaner.

Extend the possibilities of your machine tool with the RWP20.50-G-UTP ultrasonic measurement solution for thickness measurements on machine tools.

For more information: www.hexagonmi.com