Translation and Validation Between CAD and QIF

3D-geometry handling, interoperability, data translation and quality-checking software company Elysium, will release a solution for multi-CAD – QIF for translation and validation between users. The added capability will be part of the new release of its ASFALIS software planned for early 2020.

A Quality Information Framework (QIF) is an XML architecture that defines, organizes, and associates quality information needed in manufacturing systems. With the rising demand for digital data utilization throughout the entire supply chain, and specifically within the measurement-and-inspection stage, QIF was created by DMSC, accredited by ANSI, to address pressing industry requirements.

The new solution will semantically connect the design, manufacturing and inspection phases and streamline design to inspection and quality management workflow. With this capability, users will be able to translate CAD geometry and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to QIF and import high-quality data to QIF-supported metrology software and hardware.

In addition, Elysium will offer advanced solutions including:

  • Validation between native CAD data and translated QIF data
  • Validation between original QIF data and QIF data after editing
  • Translation from edited QIF to CAD

“We’re providing a sensible solution for streamlining the manufacturing process by supporting the QIF lead taken by DMSC, where Elysium has a strong presence,” said Atsuto Soma, CTO at Elysium. “With translation tools between multi-CAD and QIF not yet widely developed in industry, manufacturers throughout the world have high expectations for a forthcoming solution. Elysium has advanced its geometry handling and CAD translation technologies significantly over the years—while continually strengthening genuine partnerships with major CAD vendors. Elysium hopes to better enable manufacturers in their Model-Based Definition and Enterprise (MBD/E) initiatives through its on-going support of QIF translation and validation.”

Elysium has been in the forefront of 3D geometry handling and data translation for over 3 decades. With the rapid spread of 3D data and move towards accomplishing MBD/MBE initiatives, Elysium has been providing 3D interoperability and point cloud solutions.

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