TRACEam and Renishaw Solutions Center USA Collaborate on AM Digital Thread

Renishaw Solutions Center USA has recently engaged TRACEam to deploy an end-to-end quality management tool that is directly integrated into the Renishaw InfiniAM API ecosystem. This partnership is designed to enable Renishaw to offer its customers an efficient, scalable way to solve one of the biggest challenges facing 3D Printing users: how to track, warehouse, measure and analyze information about each part that they print.

As companies advance their 3D Printing capabilities, and especially as they begin to create parts beyond prototypes, many are struggling to create an intuitive, sustainable approach to track the full lifecycle of each part. TRACEam was created to provide a fulsome quality management and documentation system for key production and technical data for additive manufacturing (AM). By integrating the tools of Renishaw’s InfiniAM API, Renishaw users now will be able to incorporate real-time machine data into the TRACE platform via 24 different sensors already built into the Renishaw metal printing platform.

The data from these sensors will be recorded alongside design, material, post processing and inspection data for each part. This creates an unparalleled ability document and analyze critical quality control data, further strengthening users’ ability to meet the safety and compliance requirements set by groups such as the FAA and FDA.

“TRACEam is more than just a series of data streams,” said Dr. Mike Vasquez, founder of TRACEam and consulting firm 3Degrees. “We have worked with dozens of manufacturers to build actionable analytic tools that give users great visibility into their entire 3D Printing process. This results in a more accessible dashboard that gives manufactures cues on material usage, part performance and machine reliability. Renishaw has a long heritage in precision manufacturing and their emphasis on end-to-end quality control is makes them a great match for the software. We’re excited to be partnering with them and about the possibilities it creates for their customers.”

Renishaw Solutions Centers provide a secure development environment in which users can build their knowledge and confidence using AM technology. Equipped with the latest AM systems and staffed with knowledgeable engineers, a Solutions Centre offers a fast and accessible way to rapidly deploy this exciting technology.

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