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Third Dimension Announces Next Generation Gap Gun

Third Dimension has announced its next generation of Gap Gun taking the industry standard to a new level. The GapGun Pro2 and T series sensor heads are designed for the increasing needs of automotive metrology and quality control professionals.  A dedicated team of engineers have spent 3 years to build cutting-edge technology into the 25+ year established GapGun with the goal to realize Third Dimension’s ambition to deliver the ultimate non-contact, precision measurement tool.

Reliable, intuitive and accurate, GapGun Pro2 retains the same favored ergonomics for operators and continues to deliver fast measurements and repeatable results. The GapGun Pro2 is a simple upgrade option for existing users.

The noticeable change to Gap Gun comes with a new, ‘T60’ sensor head family. The T60 now delivers 3.5x improved pixel resolution which delivers enhanced accuracy. Still fast – the GapGun Pro2 has a measurement cycle of just 1 second and now comes in a smaller and more robust casing than its predecessor. The new sensor heads have several optical improvements that enable them to deliver sharper, more reliable data across a broad range of applications.

Understanding the inline and offline automotive environments has been the key to Third Dimension’s success. Available with a red or violet laser, T60 sensor heads can measure all common automotive surfaces, including light clusters and gaps with chrome.

In addition to this, T60 sensor heads have been completely re-engineered to further enhance their robustness. Improved mounting of optical elements, reduction of internal cabling and improved ingress protection mean they are reliable and remain in calibration when exposed to the rigours of inline production quality checks. T60 sensor heads are MIL-STD-810g drop tested and IP rated so metrology lab precision really can be brought to the production line.

“For those used to working with GapGun, the new product provides some really pleasing improvements. Existing users will find it easier to use and enjoy the added simplicity when checking vehicle quality.” comments Chih Jen Lo, Chief Applications Engineer at Supertooling in Hong Kong.

As the only company able to deliver calibrations on optical triangulation sensors in an ISO 17025 certified lab, traceability on the GapGun Pro2 is industry leading and delivers a complete audit trail for quality control professionals.

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