Thermal Camera Accurately Measures Wide Range Targets and Temperatures

The ability to accurately measure thermal events over a wide range of targets and temperatures is vital for industrial, military, and manufacturing research and development applications. FLIR has introduced the FLIR A6780 thermal camera in two models, the A6780-MWIR (midwave infrared) and A6780-LWIR (longwave infrared) camera systems to make those tasks easier to execute.

The new cooled thermal imaging cameras feature manual and motorized-focus lens options, offering the flexibility required to maximize the number of measurement pixels on the area of interest regardless of size and distance. Featuring 327,680- pixel (640 x 512) resolution MWIR or LWIR detectors, the new A6780 models offer a suite of lens options from 200mm telephoto lens to 3X microscope lens, which can
achieve a 5 micron-per-pixel spatial resolution on extremely small targets.

These systems also feature short exposure times, advanced synchronization options and high-speed windowed frame rates to ensure researchers capture meaningful thermal data. The internal three-position warm filter wheel mechanism empowers users to quickly switch between standard and high temperature ranges with the click of a button, eliminating the need to manually change neutral density filter.

In addition, a single standard Gigabit Ethernet connection allows the control of all camera features and thermal data streaming into FLIR Systems’ Research Studio software running on PC, Mac or Linux. The workflow of Research Studio is easy to comprehend and allows users to quickly and efficiently display, record, and analyze accurate thermal data.

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