The Testing of Global Quality Standards

Every aspect of global manufacturing should be driven by the standards developed over past decades and longer. The testing of manufactured products for compliance to the appropriate standards has become integral in most manufacturing processes in order to ensure the delivery of compliant quality products to the customer. Today the more advanced manufacturers strive for zero defects.

In these difficult COVID-19 days it is therefore saddening to hear the numerous stories of desperately needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) arriving from Chinese suppliers that fail incoming goods quality checks and have to be subsequently rejected. In many cases special chartered aircraft are being sent to China to pick-up these much needed supplies. How does this happen if the supplier is serious about their business?

We have all seen the amazing efforts from companies in aerospace, automotive, auto-sports and many others leveraging there manufacturing prowess and adaption of their engineering and manufacturing operations to coordinate and deliver much needed medical equipment. The ventilator projects being undertaken on both sides of the Atlantic are examples of the herculean efforts that so many companies, and individuals, are making in these difficult times. The ventilators before use must be verified as compliant to the appropriate standards and receive regulatory approval before they can be used on the front line.

How disappointing is it then to receive the constant barrage of ‘spam mail’ out of China offering face masks, PPE equipment, thermal scanners and even ventilators.

It obvious that China has returned to work given the daily increase in the number of these junk mails being received!

The world will investigate the true source of the Coronaviris in due course but right now China should be doubling down on ensuring its critical manufacturing sector delivers and that its credibility and global standing is not harmed further. Given its control of the internet I am sure it could stop the spam emails trying to promote inadequate products, and take advantage of the current crisis, by selling untested, non compliant and defective quality products to a desperate global population.

… and it looks like China can not even count their dead accurately!