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‘The State of Visual Inspection’ Survey Launched

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) and Landing AI have launched a joint research study to better understand how manufacturing companies are integrating artificial intelligence into visual inspection projects.

The ability to drive quality improvement and operational efficiency are top of mind for most manufacturers, and AI-powered visual inspection solutions are illuminating the path. The study, called ‘The State of Visual Inspection’, will survey manufacturers about quality inspection problems their companies are trying to solve and the challenges companies face with implementing AI-powered solutions.

The State of Visual Inspection survey should take less than five minutes to complete, and consists of multiple choice questions.  Participants have the opportunity to win a $250  Amazon gift card.

The survey data will be used to learn the goals of manufacturers when using automated AI solutions in visual inspections and understand the state of AI adoption. Once complete, the study will be shared to help companies identify strategies and implement tactics to avoid any unnecessary complications as manufacturers seek to integrate AI into their processes.

“Artificial Intelligence is bringing profound transformation to the decade-old quality inspection industry,” said Dongyan Wang, Vice President of AI Transformation, Landing AI. “Solutions powered by AI are making it possible to automate complex inspection tasks while greatly enhancing the capabilities of traditional rule-based machine vision. Integrating AI into the visual inspection process is still in an early stage so a comprehensive study on this matter will help us gain valuable information into the state of adoption, goals and challenges. Together these findings will serve as important insights for the community to form better tactics and strategies to help move the industry forward.”

To take the survey click here