Telemetrology Service Remotely Processes Scanned Data

Level 3 Inspection LLC, (L3I) practitioners of Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) technologies, professional services and automated systems for precision manufacturing, has announced the successful expansion of their business practices that directly helps those clients who have purchased 3D scanners to help them get actual results and fast answers from their scan files.

“A 3D scan file is really just the problem, or the question in a different file format,” says Bill Greene, Level 3 Inspection’s CEO. “What people really need is the answer! So we’ve developed automated and integrated processes that allow our team to provide that decision support information or parts releasing documentation very quickly by receiving the scan file over secure FTP server and delivering CAI results better and faster than any other resource”.

According to Mr. Greene, “The Class A 3D scanner vendors are doing a great job of selling scanner equipment, allowing more precision manufacturers to be able to leverage these 21st century metrology tools. But it soon becomes obvious that scanning the parts is usually a small fraction of the work actually required to produce a comprehensive dimensional inspection report. The scan files analysis, inspection, and reporting may be 80% of the effort, and might take several weeks to accomplish the objective of optimizing the manufacturing process, or releasing parts for delivery.”

Mr. Greene also indicated that the CAI analysis work is a different skill set than the 3D scanning function, and experience really matters in both tasks. “Our large integrated team and our advanced processes allow 3D scanner owners to get what they need, without extra specialized staff and long learning curves, very quickly for first article inspections (FAIs) and even faster for repeat production inspections. So we applaud the scanner hardware suppliers and actively partner with them and their customers to turn their scan files into answers for everybody’s benefit.”

In addition to plenty of high-speed broadband to receive these large 3D scan files from global clientele, L3I also applies purpose-built visual supercomputers to efficiently manage these graphics files in their advanced integrated and automated CAI processes. “It’s all designed to produce turnkey, customer-ready layouts, comprehensive dimensional inspection reports, as quickly, efficiently, and perfectly as possible, because that’s what our clients need to release their parts to their prime contractors,” explained Scott McAfee, L3I’s COO and Chief Engineer. “We also support our results completely, and we want to be considered like the internal inspection department ‘down the hall’, always easily accessible for answers.”

Earlier this year, Level 3 Inspection welcomed another value added customer service resource. Brad Campbell is the company’s Product Engineer for Client Excellence and happens to be a former aerospace product engineer, layout supervisor, and customer! “My position exists to assure that our customers receive and understand the CAI results they need to meet stringent industry requirements and manufacture better parts, faster. In my personal experience the comprehensive customer-ready results from Level 3 Inspection make it so much easier to meet product delivery deadlines with understanding and confidence. Our Telemetrology offering compliments these other CAI services we provide and helps 3D scanner owners realize the full potential of their hardware,” explained Mr. Campbell.
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