Tarus Announce Styling Studio Orders

Tarus has announced a number of orders for its clay milling machines used in automotive styling studio’s.

The General Motors China Advance Design Studio in China has awarded a contract to Tarus for the supply a 24 meter long duplex Base Rail MSM System and Surface Plates. General Motors China Advance Design Studio is located within the GM China Advanced Technical Center (ATC) in Pudong, Shanghai, China. Tarus Base Rail MSM Systems are currently in use at the SGM Wuling Design Studio in China. Tarus machines are used in General Motor’s Design Studios in the USA, Australia, Korea and China.

Calty Design Research, Inc., the North American Design Studio for Toyota, with locations in Newport Beach, CA, Oakland, CA (Toyota Innovation Hub) and Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Calty, Ann Arbor, has ordered a 3rd Tarus 5 Axis Portable Claymill.

Navistar has been a TARUS Customer since 2001. In addition to their existing 3 Tarus clay milling CNC machines, Navistar recently took delivery of a new Tarus MM5 mill which has been installed at the Navistar Design Center located within its world headquarters in Lisle, Illinois, USA.

The Tarus MM5, high performance 5 axis Clay Model Mill, is used in automobile design studio for milling clay and foam models achieving high performance as a result of advanced machine design with Linear Motor direct drive on its linear axes.

The 2 axis milling ehad allows quick and easy cutter angle adjustment with RTCP, and also full 5 axis CNC milling if desired. A powerful water cooled HSK40 spindle quietly operates at up to 12,000 rpm with 3.5 kw of power and is suitable for milling clay as well as foam and epoxy up to 750 kg/m3 density.

The MM5, can be custom tailored to existing surface plates. New plates can be manufactured by TARUS and an Optional Rotary Table is available.

For more information: www.tarus.com