TAG Optics Technology Honored with the 2017 Edison Patent Award

The Research and Development Council of New Jersey has recognized TAG Optics’ founders with the prestigious Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for their work on bringing the TAG Lens from the research laboratory to the market. This marks the first time the Edison Patent Award has been granted in the category of Technology Transfer.

Originally developed at Princeton University under the direction of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Professor Craig Arnold, the TAG Lens technology is the result of multiple years of research on the interaction of sound waves and light in a liquid medium. In 2011, Arnold teamed up with Christian Theriault to found TAG Optics Inc. with the goal of translating the technology into a commercial product. The technology and products that were subsequently developed are making a noticeable impact in markets ranging from academia to industrial applications.

Prof. Arnold said of the technology: “The cool thing about the tag lens is you can watch what is happening at one location and then some nanoseconds or microseconds later see what is happening at another location – in many instances that is simultaneous. Imagine driving your car and being able to see the instruments on your dashboard and at the same time being able to see a truck that is 10s or even 100s of meters away.”

In 2016, TAG Optics, Inc. was acquired by the Mitutoyo Corporation. The company now operates as an R&D and prototype manufacturing facility based in Princeton, NJ, continuing to develop the TAG Technology and building systems that harness its unique features. “Having the backing of Mitutoyo, a large multinational corporation, brings great synergy to help promote the TAG technology worldwide. Incorporating the TAG Lens in as many products and market verticals as possible will expand the impact of the technology and enable new paradigms in fields ranging from medicine to machine vision,” said Theriault.

The TAG Lens is a computer controlled adaptive lens with the ability to rapidly change focus for any user defined applications. is a tunable ultra high-speed device that uses sound to change the property of light. This gives it the ability to rapidly change focal lengths or readily modulate beams with sub micro-second resolution.

TAG Optics’ is currently focusing its effort on the machine vision and ultra-high speed part inspection markets. Its latest product prototypes, such as the TAG Inspector 3D and the TAG ZIP, enable in-line inspection stations used for quality assurance in manufacturing to significantly increase their throughput as well as perform 3D volumetric scene inspection and analysis.

For more information: www.tag-optics.com

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