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Sylvac’s Extended Scan Range Offers Improved Dynamic Measurement Accuracy

The Bowers Group has announce the launch of the brand new Sylvac Scan S25. Designed to complement the current Sylvac Scan range, including the F60 / S145 and Scan 52, the S25 provides a non-contact optical measuring centre to measure small to mid-size cylindrical parts of up to 26mm diameter and 200mm in length, whilst holding parts up to 500mm long.

The Sylvac Scan S25 offers easy to use high-resolution accuracy with impressive results, providing <1µm accuracy on diameter and <3µm accuracy on length. Enabling a reduction in inspection time, its impressive features include part recognition, reflex-click auto-measure and barcode loading, as well as quick release tooling. Designed for precision, the S25 also boasts a precision rotary headstock for improved dynamic measurement accuracy.

Bowers Group Sales Director Martin Hawkins, said: “The Sylvac Scan S25 is a fantastic step forward for manufacturers, providing improved accuracy and optical imaging when measuring small turned parts. Running the latest Sylvac Reflex-Scan+ software, all static measurements and 2D scans can be speedily obtained within just 3 seconds, greatly improving productivity. We are delighted to be able to offer this remarkable product to market and we’re really looking forward to the interest that it will undoubtedly attract.”

The Scan 25 offers dynamic results on a schematic along with analysis all provided on one page, with optional CAD and Offline software also available. With a small footprint and a two-man lift, the attractively designed S25 is perfect for shop floor operation. In addition to a new built-in user interface, the Scan 25 is automation-ready with a motorised tailstock and additional I/0 connectivity.

A small footprint makes this an ideal shop floor inspection machine.

S25 features include:

  • Latest Sylvac Reflex-Scan+ software,
  • Part recognition and Reflex-click auto-measure
  • Optional CAD and Offline software
  • Tilt axis for comprehensive thread measurement
  • Operator interface panel for shop floor operation
  • Full 2D scan of part, approx. 3 seconds for full length scan
  • Precision rotary headstock
  • Automation ready with motorised tailstock and I/O connectivity
  • Quick release tooling

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