Sylvac Launch New F60T Optical Scanning Machine For Shaft Measurement

Sylvac the Swiss manufacturer of metrology instruments and optical scanning machines has launched the first of a new series of Sylvac Scan machines for the non-contact inspection of turned parts, shafts, turbine blades, camshafts and associated components benefiting from its years of experience within this field.

Supplied by partner Bowers Group in the UK and Ireland, the Sylvac F60T offers a new design of both hardware and software that enables the delivery of a very high performance optical scanning system alongside new service diagnostic tools designed to provide reduced maintenance lead times.

With a measuring range of 60mm diameter and 300mm in length, cycle times are reduced with 100mm/second scanning speeds allowing a full component scan to be achieved in less than three seconds, a market leading performance along with improved accuracy making the Sylvac F60T the claimed best machine in its class.

Software has been advanced with the introduction of the Reflex Scan2, which allows automatic part recognition and the renowned auto measure feature along with additional new statistic software features. The easy to use operator interface is assisted by a simple click and measure facility to obtain quick measurement results.

Integration in manufacturing is assisted by the use of an inbuilt LED light system to indicate pass or fail of a component after completion of measurement cycle while new moveable optics allow the full inspection of threaded parts including root diameter information.

The security door and workspace light curtain ensures safe shop-floor operation.


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