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Surround Scanner Adds Dynamic Colormap Error Projections

Polyrix is introducing dynamic colormap projection to its range of Surround 3D Scanners . The dynamic colormap projection comes as an upgrade to its patented ‘LiveInspection’ technology, whereby the calculated deviation color map is projected directly onto the inspected part using a surround array of high definition projectors. With this improvement, the users can now change the colormap limits and see the colormap changing dynamically on the part.

As explained by Jean-Daniel Deschenes, VP of Engineering, “This new feature is useful, for example, to gradually go from a wide range colormap that shows overall dimensional variation, to a tighter range that highlights smaller imperfections. You basically see those defects appear on the part as you use the new interface sliders”.

Surround 3D Scanners have no moving parts with no requirement to program inspection trajectory, unlike CMM and robot scanning solutions, Data is quickly captured from every angle negating loss-time due to sensor movements and no risk of collision or necessary costly enclosure.

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