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Surround 3D Scanning Wins Automotive Acceptance

Mid-way through its fiscal year, Polyrix has announced that it already tripled its revenue from 2019. Earlier this year, the company secured numerous orders for its new PolyScan XL8. The XL8 being its latest, high-resolution Surround 3D Scanning system, targeted for mid-size automotive and aerospace components.

Phil Lambert, CEO of Polyrix and Computer Vision PhD, commented on the company growth: “2019 has been an extensive year of R&D for us. Working in partnership with automotive OEMs, we developed new cutting-edge computer-vision algorithms for sheet metal measurement. That really allowed us to gain a competitive edge for automotive body panels and sub-frame components. That has been received very well by the industry so far”.

The company also reports signs of economy restarting “It’s good to see things moving again: We delivered a system last week to an automotive OEM (4 systems ordered), and we are shipping another one this week to a tier-1 automotive supplier (2 systems ordered)” noted Jonathan Bouchard, Director of Sales and Business Development.

Based on recent Request For Quotes, Polyrix is seeing increased interest towards fully automated 3D measurement, including loading/unloading systems. “Companies are now realizing the potential of our unique Surround 3D Scanning architecture: Full data capture in a motionless configuration brings speed, versatility, safety and ease of operation. Even more in the current pandemic context, where human interactions management is challenging, it makes sense to have a technology that can operate without any human intervention.” states Jonathon Bouchard.

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