Summit To Showcase QIF Experiences

The Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) Board will hold the 2019 QIF Summit at this year’s 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (3D CIC) taking place in Golden, Colorado, USA October 7-11, 2019.

The DMSC Board are asking DMSC members to participate in sharing their Quality Information Framework (QIF) implementation experiences within their MBD/MBE journey in a 30-40 minute presentation to the 3D CIC audience. Vendor are invited to participate by demonstrating working use cases of QIF in action.

QIF is a unified XML framework standard for computer-aided quality QIF systems which enables the capture, use, and re-use of metrology-related information throughout the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) domains. QIF was created by The Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) who are also responsible for the development, maintenance and support of the QIF standard, as well as the Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS). The DMSC is an ANSI accredited Standards Developing Organization as well as an A-Liaison to ISO.

Each of these participation levels will help the attendees see that QIF has transitioned from a concept to being implemented, proving QIF is a viable information exchange solution. The successful round table meeting at the NIST/MBE Summit in April 2019 revealed that many people do not fully understand what QIF is and how it works. It is believed that building “real-world” use cases will advance understanding and highlight that QIF is moving from an interesting concept to a working solution being used by companies today.

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