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Structured Light Scanning Ensures Top Down Quality

The micrometer precise 3D measurement of components is one of the most complex challenges in the automotive industry. A task that is to a large extent impossible without the use of optical sensors. Effective, economical and flexible solutions incorporate a 3D sensor combined with an industrial robot integrated into an inspection cell that measure parts using 3D structured light.

The fabric covers for automobile convertibles are high precision components. In addition to protecting against wind and weather, they also perform static tasks by supporting the torsion alto stiffness of the vehicle when closed. To ensure this, the production of these roof assemblies must meet the highest standards.

Automotive suppliers all over the world rely on robot systems integrator’s that implement 3D measurement sensor technologies. This is why a manufacturer of convertible roof covers contacted automation supplier ISW GmbH in order to have a variety of product parameters measured with high precision in one operation, automatically and without contact.

Sensor manufacturer, Wenglor Sensoric, worked with ISW to provide a complete measurement solution, consisting of robot cell, 3D sensor, software, interfaces and control system to a manufacturer of automotive retractable hoods. Key data from the inspection cell is derived providing critical leak-tightness and installation points data sets.

The 3D sensor project several patterns onto the object to be measured and then records them by means of a camera. As a result, the object is digitized as a 3D point cloud. Neither the object nor the 3D sensor is in motion, which means that scanning is conducted quickly and extremely precisely.

Wenglor ShapeDriveMLAS 3D sensors are distinguished by high precision for small measuring volumes. Ten variants in this series are separated into two performance classes with camera resolutions of 5 and 12 megapixels within a rugged IP 65 housing. The sensors’ data rates of up to 7 Gbit per second are reliably handled by an integrated 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface.

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