Structured Light 3D Measurement Cell Launched

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched PartInspect L, the first automated 3D measurement cell product based on AICON scanner technology. Featuring a choice of structured-light scanning technology paired with a flexible robot arm and housed within a modular cell format, PartInspect L uses advanced automation expertise to meet increased demand for high-speed, high-quality part measurement and analysis.

The system features interactive automated scan planning, as well as robot path generation and collision avoidance systems based on CAD data that deliver a truly automated 3D measurement experience, from planning and scanning through to analysis and reporting.

“This new measurement cell format for our AICON scanner technology makes their high-speed measurement capabilities more efficient and easier to deploy,” says Dr Dirk Rieke-Zapp, Commercial Product Manager for AICON Scanners and Automation at Hexagon. “With PartInspect L, high-speed quality control can be moved into the production space without the need for advanced training for all shop-floor users, offering significant productivity enhancement.”

Preassembled and configured in the factory, PartInspect L delivers ‘plug-and-play’ functionality that allows for set-up within less than two working days and requires no engineering work onsite. The cell will deliver full and fast 3D inspection results for parts measuring up 1.5 metres in diameter/height and weighing up to 2000 kilograms. PartInspect L can be used either offline, near-line or at-line to deliver full or statistical quality control as required.

The system is available in two configurations – Efficient or HiEnd – making use of the several options within the AICON Scanner range. The ‘Efficient’ configuration features the entry-level AICON PrimeScan, while the ‘HiEnd’ configuration features the top-of-the-range AICON StereoScan neo.

PartInspect L configurations can be augmented with a photogrammetry referencing system with the specially designed DPA Online system. A hardware and software solution, DPA Online sees photogrammetric analysis fully integrated within the measurement program workflow, with customized robot programs provided for each configuration. The addition of DPA Online strengthens the measurement geometry of the PartInspect L system and guarantees accuracy to within 50 microns throughout the entire measurement volume. Available at time of purchase or as a future upgrade, the DPA Online system involves mounting a high-resolution camera unit alongside the PartInspect L scanner and is aimed particularly at users with challenging part applications, such as the measurement of flat, thin or very large objects.

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