Structured Blue Light 3D Scanning System Achieves 7 Micron Accuracy

CyberGage360 from Laser Design, Inc., is a Blue Light 3D Projection Scanning System powered by CyberOptics’ breakthrough MRS 3D sensing technology that provides metrology-grade accuracy through inhibiting optical measurement distortions (glints/reflections/noise) and allowing simultaneous 3D data captures from multiple sensors transmitting multiple image data at unprecedented speeds. Patented fusing algorithms merge the scanned data into a single part geometry reconstruction. The resulting part measurement provides traceable ISO10360 System Accuracy of 7µm (+ L/10000) and Repeatability of 5 µm within 2 to 3 minutes inspection cycle time.

The patented CyberGage utilizes two dual camera projection optical3D scanning sensors mounted above and below a highly precise programmable rotary table. The optically-flat glass platen allows simultaneous data capture from both sensors and eliminates the need to’ flip-over’ the part as necessitated by other measuring systems. The rugged industrial enclosure provides a stable measuring environment and eliminates the effects of ambient light on the part under measurement. The small footprint CyberGage360 can be used on the production floor, in inspection labs, or for incoming parts inspection.

CyberGage 360 dramatically speeds-up part inspection, compared to traditional Coordinate Measuring Machines, and provides a complete volumetric part surface scan with dimensions, GD & T comparison to CAD in under 3 minutes including inspection report generation. Software simplicity allows the capture of millions of data points per part position with a typical complex part requiring 6 – 12 rotary positions to accurately and completely scanning most / all of the part geometry.

CyberGage360 provides the easiest user experience for 3D scanning production inspection requiring no fixture or part alignment. The system comes standard with bar-code reader allow for automatic part program selection.

CyberGage360 requires no specialist training providing factory-friendly operation while supplying metrology-grade inspection accuracy.

  • One Button Operation
  • No part fixture required
  • No part alignment necessary
  • Automatic comparison to CAD
  • Part Program generation in just a few minutes with PMI in CAD
  • Embedded Polyworks Inspector software

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