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Strategic Alliance for Factories of the Future

Sigma Labs, developer of in-process quality assurance software for the commercial 3D metal printing industry, has partnered with IN4.OS, a leader in advanced manufacturing, to build Smart ‘Factories of the Future’ to meet the demands of high technology sectors including defense, space, aerospace and life sciences.

Smart Factory of the Future, an IN4.OS US  concept, is a cyber-physical system, location agnostic factory that has the ability to deliver flexible and scalable manufacturing capabilities. Sigma Labs’ PrintRite3D technology will be used to ensure the highest level of quality for mission critical metal parts manufactured with 3D printers. Additive Manufacturing, a critical core component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, provides flexibility in the manufacturing process to build custom mission critical parts on demand, with unprecedented complexity in times of shortages. IN4.OS will be utilizing DMG MORI’s LASERTEC line of 3D metal printers, which have been designated as PrintRite3D ready.

“IN4.OS’s concept of Smart Factories of the Future is a timely and courageous response to increasing the country’s self-sufficiency in times when supply chains are disrupted,” said Mark K. Ruport, Sigma Labs’ President and CEO. “We are excited to work with IN4.OS and DMG MORI, as they take on this important initiative.”

“Sigma Labs’ PrintRite3D is a crucial component of making additive manufacturing mainstream for critical manufacturing and delivering qualified products,” said R J Singh, IN4.OS’s CEO. “We look ahead to ushering in a new era of American manufacturing with our strategic partners, Sigma Labs and DMG MORI.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to help enable the Factory of the Future at IN4.OS with Sigma Labs,” said Dr. Gregory Hyatt, CTO at DMG MORI ASI. “This triad of innovative companies will offer compelling and differentiated solutions for our domestic manufacturing capability.”

Smart Factory of the Future is a cyber-physical system agnostic factory that has the ability to deliver flexible and scalable manufacturing capabilities. IN4.OS US LLC has launched IPSUM Technologies as the initial Smart Factory of the Future. IPSUM Technologies will be located in South Carolina and will operate DMG MORI manufacturing equipment.

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