Starrett Introduces HDV500 Digital Video Projector to Range

Metrology and measurement specialist, Starrett has introduced a new horizontal digital video projector to its range of metrology equipment.

The HDV500 Digital Video Projector is a further evolution of Starrett’s existing HDV Vision System product offering. This updated version combines a large, floor standing, horizontal optical projector and a vision metrology system.

First demonstrated at the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2016, the HDV500 has since been made available for global sale. The machine is configured like a traditional horizontal projector, using a heavy-duty steel design. Much like Starrett’s existing HDV300 and HDV400 systems, the HDV500 centres on its uniquely designed, bayonet-style lens mounting system, combined with a high-resolution colour video camera.

Unlike the previous models, the new machine includes CNC controls as standard. In addition, the HDV500 delivers triple the maximum load capacity of its predecessors, allowing for a maximum load of 150kg. This impressive capacity is supported by the machine’s steel construction and nickel plated stage tooling plate. The machine also provides a more extensive stage travel, of 500mm x 200mm.

“All the HDV systems in Starrett’s range include a powerful 64-bit PC to ensure CAD files can directly imported and digital overlays can be developed from these files,” said John Cove, marketing manager at Starrett. “The PC’s housed run Metlogix M3 metrology software, which delivers advanced customised measurement and reporting to its operators.”

“Integrated video edge detection (VED) can provide operators will real-time interaction of the imported file, combined with the video image of the part that is being inspected. What is more, the newest HDV500 machine is available with zoom optics and a choice of three telecentric lens options. This allows for micron-level resolution and optical distortion to as little as 0.002%, giving operators incredibly accurate field of view (FOV) measurements.”

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