Standardized Thread Measurement Techniques Training

Gauge Training, Inc has announced the commencement of dedicated thread measurement training classes which will provide the very latest in high end technical training under contract with the training arm of the American Petroleum Institute (API-U).

Gauge Training, Inc was founded to educate various industries on proper thread measurement gauging techniques. Recognizing the lack of consistency within the oilfield industry, Gauge Training has put together a comprehensive training program to assist in standardizing the measurement process. Over the past 18 months, Gauge Training has worked closely with various gauge manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute to ensure all gauging techniques are correct and conform to the appropriate API specifications. All training courses have been reviewed and approved by senior API specification writers to ensure accuracy.

The specialized training is focused on the correct techniques for insuring the integrity of threads for tubing, casing and drill pipe with official API certification for the first time. Initial training operations are based in Houston, Texas with new domestic and international locations planned. Participants can expect an interactive, focused and intense exposure to the proper methods of inspecting, and certifying tubular threads of all kinds.

Gauge Training’s goal is to assist industry by increasing productivity, cost-effectiveness of operations and overall safety while decreasing scrap material, production costs and workplace accidents. At any given time, up to 30% of a company’s production costs are due to scrap materials or pipe reworking.

“Before Gauge Training was conceived, most industry techniques were passed down from one individual to another. Over time, these measurement techniques have changed to assist with ease of measurement but not accuracy. Since there hasn’t been a company to standardize the measurement process, companies have had to rely of outdated or incorrect measurement procedures. We aim to standardize the industry with proper measurement techniques for the overall benefit of the industry as a whole” states Gauge Training CEO Sean O’Boyle.

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