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Spatial Computing Relationship Set to Optimize Factories of the Future

PTC has long been a leader in developing innovative digital solutions that transform industrial enterprises and improve their efficiency, productivity, and safety. As manufacturers across the globe accelerate their adoption of Smart Factory technologies in the face of the ongoing pandemic, Magic Leap and PTC are expanding their alliance to ensure these business can continue their operations seamlessly.

Expanding on the strategic alliance announced last year, PTC plans to offer the Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite on Magic Leap’s Spatial Computing platform. PTC’s Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite offers some of the fastest, easiest, and most advanced AR content development solutions, enabling increased workforce safety and efficiency, improved customer experiences, and reduced costs. Combined with Magic Leap’s Spatial Computing platform, Vuforia offers industrial enterprises best-in-class solutions for boosting workforce productivity, improving operational performance, and lowering costs across the factory and the field.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of AR technologies across a variety of industries, particularly in the industrial business sectors. New social distancing guidelines, employee safety measures, and even plant closures hit manufacturers especially hard, requiring them to pivot quickly to remote operations and service. Supplier and customer visits were also cancelled, presenting a whole host of logistical issues to contend with, especially if machines went down or robots needed to be reprogrammed.

According to leading IoT specialists, Spatial Computing has the power to optimize the factories of the future and give frontline employees more understanding and control of their physical environments. By blending digital information seamlessly into the real world, engineers, designers, programmers, and managers will have the opportunity to improve workflows, increase productivity, and enable closer collaboration. Being able to access machines and the shop floor remotely via Spatial Computing will accelerate their ability to interface with more of the production line, even when they’re not physically on-site.

Some of the world’s leading industrial enterprises are implementing AR technologies and Spatial Computing devices, such as the Magic Leap 1, and see significant results from those investments today. These companies can see up to a 40 percent improvement in new hire productivity, as well as up to a 50 percent reduction in training costs, and up to 30 percent acceleration in sales cycles. Industrial enterprises implementing AR in their workforces have also seen up to a 30 percent improvement in first time fix rate and a 25 percent reduction in scrap and rework costs.

One such company is Jabil Inc., a worldwide manufacturing solutions provider with more than 260,000 employees across 100 locations in 30 countries. The world’s leading brands rely on Jabil’s unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical and design capabilities, manufacturing know-how, supply chain insights and global product management expertise. And now, thanks to Vuforia on Magic Leap, Jabil can provide frontline workers with Augmented Reality and remote training solutions, as well as on-site equipment support. Equipment maintenance processes are complex and expensive, as well as difficult and time consuming to learn. They also often require on-site supplier support. And soon, thanks to the Vuforia Enterprise AR Suite on Magic Leap, Jabil will be able to create digital work instructions for corrective and preventative maintenance. By capturing videos and images for training and reference that overlay on the actual machinery while providing 24/7 access to training materials, the need for on-site supplier support can be reduced and allow for cross-training of multiple technicians.

Equipment maintenance processes are complex and expensive as well as difficult and time consuming to learn. They also often require on-site supplier support. Jabil will now be implementing several offerings within the Vuforia Enterprise AR Suite on Magic Leap to create digital work instructions for corrective and preventative maintenance. By capturing critical procedures with voice, video, and images to create training materials that can be accessed by any frontline worker on demand and in the context of the actual machinery, Jabil will be able to reduce or stop equipment service contracts earlier, remove the need for on-site supplier support, and allow for cross training of multiple technicians.

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