Software Brings Surface Corrosion Assessment To Pipe Joints

Creaform has announced the release of Pipecheck 5.0, which features major enhancements enabling integrity assessment for full pipe joints. Since its introduction in 2011, Pipecheck has become established as the standard for providing accurate and reliable NDT surface damage diagnostics on both the inner and outer linings of pipes, using both ultrasonic testing and 3D scanning, whether for corrosion, dents or gouges in the metal.

Enhanced weld to weld inspections:

  • Full-pipe joint assessment of up to 18 meters pipes: Surface inspection of industrystandard pipe joints up to 56 inches in diameter.
  • Faster analysis and reporting: On-site analysis and reporting up to 6 times faster.
  • Enhanced workflow: Data analysis is performed in sections and analyzed together to produce a single comprehensive final report, so pipeline owners have crucial information they need to act quickly.
  • Multiscanner capability: Divide inspection time by the number of scanners used to ensure faster total inspection time.
  • Other key competitive advantages of the Pipecheck solution include reliable and repeatable measurements that are independent of the operator’s or the technician’s skills.

A Game Changer in Pipelines Surface Inspections

“The challenge wasn’t only to increase Pipecheck’s capability as far as pipe lengths, but also to improve the speed of the analysis and reporting, regardless of a pipe’s size,” says Steeves Roy, Creaform Product Manager. “With no compromise on the speed of data processing, analytics, and reporting, Pipecheck 5.0 now becomes the most trusted full-pipe joint assessment solution on the market. All Pipecheck license owners already in the field and covered by the Creaform Customer Care Program will benefit from this major software upgrade.”

“Most asset owners and NDT service companies are turning to Pipecheck for pipeline corrosion mapping and assessment. What is key for our customers is the accuracy and repeatability of 3D mapping compared with manual measurements, as customers need to make the safest decision regarding a pipeline’s integrity,” adds Mathieu Magnan, Business Development Manager at Creaform. “Inspections that used to take days can now be performed in only a few hours with direct on-site reporting using Creaform technologies. With Pipecheck 5.0, it is now possible to scan, analyze, and report data from a full pipe joint in less than a day. This is a major performance leap forward compared with previous versions of the software.”

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