SMASH – Browser-Based Inspection Control User Interface

Using inspection systems to monitor product quality early in the process ensures resource and cost efficiency in production. They supply system operators with information on process and product quality and highlight potential for optimization. ISRA’s new browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) now makes it possible to control and monitor a large number of lines and the corresponding optical inspection systems installed in a production environment centrally and efficiently. With its high-end components, the proven SMASH inspection system from ISRA VISION can be quickly adapted to any customer requirement, be it velocity, width or other installation parameters.

Many manufacturers in the plastics industry face the challenge of monitoring a multitude of lines in their factories, each with its own separate inspection system. Traditionally, each system is equipped with a control cabinet and a control console, which are each controlled manually and individually – a process that requires a great deal of time and coordination. SMASH revolutionizes day-to-day work by connecting all lines with a single server PC, making it possible to access the system as required from a central point, in real-time. All conventional end devices can be used for this, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. In a production hall in which 25 lines, for example, are equipped with inspection systems, the tool shows precisely which line is experiencing a problem. An operator can now find the exact position in a targeted manner and access the system and its line with their mobile device by using a QR code. Since dedicated line control cabinets and stations are no longer needed, the system saves space and costs.

In addition to individual employees, superiors such as the shift supervisor or the manager responsible for production can use the browser-based GUI to gain an overview of the situation. Corrections to the line can be made quickly – making film inspection more flexible than ever before. The modern user interface is inspired by the very latest developments of mobile apps. At the same time, the GUI is highly user-friendly and easy to learn, not least thanks to its auto configuration feature. With the new GUI concept, ISRA aims to raise user adoption even further and make working with the SMASH system on a daily basis as convenient and effective as possible. In addition, because the GUI is highly intuitive, even less user training is required.

The tool is highly reliable from the very first day, with even tough production conditions having no impact on its efficiency. Detection results are displayed in real-time as images on the handheld operator display. Thanks to its high classification performance, the system displays the defect position and the relevant defect type, providing a full picture of the defects found and their causes. With the causes detected, they can be eliminated quickly, ensuring high process efficiency. Data reports and statistical evaluation tools support effective defect prevention. Analyzing the comprehensive production and quality data helps to lower costs. All data is stored for future analysis and evaluation so that manufacturers can automatically document the quality produced for their customers and for the next process step.

Ready For The Future of Surface Inspection

As requirements grow, ISRA’s inspection solution is increasingly developing into a real all-in-one system. Inspection is not restricted to material defects – ISRA now also reliably inspects the coating thickness and even the optical properties of films, such as reflectivity and cloudiness. The pioneering Touch & Inspect inspection and system architecture guarantees the ideal flow of information.

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