Smarttech3D Launch 10Mpix Scanner

SMARTTECH3D has launched its MICRON3D color 10Mpix scanner at TCT Asia 2019 Show. Exchangeable lenses allowing for easy Fields of View (FOV) change, new version of SMARTTECH3D measuring software capable of extended data processing, full object geometry, and each scanned point color data collection are claimed the most significant features of this latest scanning sensor.

MICRON3D color 10Mpix provides the user precise data on geometry and the color of each scanned point with an accuracy of 15 microns. The measurement result is a cloud of colored points with a resolution of up to 400 points/mm2 with the colored texture of the object in each measurement point (X,Y,Z with RGB).

The MICRON3D color 10Mpix is available with up to four easily exchangeable lenses that provide the following FOV: 150x200mm ;200x300mm; 300x400mm and 400x600mm FOV .

The scanner offers advanced capabilities enabling the scanning of dark and shiny objects with the metrological accuracy of optical coordinate measuring machines and is suitable for both quality control and reverse engineering applications.

User-friendly SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v.2019 control and editing software fulfill most customers requirements for working with 3D models negating the need to use third party software minimizing cost. The software enables a quick start and guarantees optimal data processing even for non-professionals. The software is sufficient for advanced and automated data post-processing such as an advanced cloud of points (.PLY) or triangle mesh edition (.STL). Due to large amounts of collected data the software has been engineered to work seamlessly with data exceeding 300 million points providing the user the freedom to choose the level of detail he needed.

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