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Smart True Colour Digital Microscope and Measurement System Launched

OMNI 3 builds upon the hugely successful Omni core platform and is powered by AshCam+ zoom lens camera module offering a host of new benefits for smarter inspection and measurement. The AshCam+ zoom lens camera module is designed and manufactured by ASH and enables the unlocking of even more potential from the ASH inspection systems.

OMNI 3 offers a wide range of powerful new features and enhanced customer benefits including:

AshCal Calibration Technology continually maintains calibration at all magnification levels, removing the need for manual re-calibration, saving time and increasing efficiency. AshCal is unique to ASH systems. The OMNI 3 is factory calibrated before shipping.

Patent pending SpotFocus quickly allows focus on the area of interest by simply using the mouse pointer providing increased speed, improved accuracy and reduced human error.

Manual Rocker Focus feature allowing users to accurately adjust the focus level to the region of interest (ROI) saving time by quickly adjusting the focus level using the rocker icon to inspect specific regions on an object when in manual focus mode.

Superb Image Quality With True Colour

Offering unrivalled full HD video imaging never seen before in an ASH system. AshCam+ enables vibrant image quality ensuring true part representation delivering enhanced, crystal clear image for even the most demanding inspection applications. Patent pending AshTruColour provides next generation true colour reproduction replicating real and accurate colours as seen with the naked eye.

Powerful new apps including the Z Height Measurement App, Colour Analysis App and Object Counting App along with a tailorable app suite allowing users to build their OMNI 3 system based on their individual application and requirements. Apps include Measurement & Graticules, Image Stitching, Image Stacking, Image Comparator Overlay, Image Comparator Side by Side, and DXF Import & Export.

Each OMNI 3 system offers 30 free trial clicks of all apps allowing the user unrestricted access to experience each app 30 times before purchasing the full app license.
The new OMNI 3 model continues on from the successful app trials available with the Omni core which supported customers in evaluating which app best suited their measurement needs before purchase.

Z Height Measurement App – Measure in 3D on the new Omni 3. Now users can measure in the Z axis, in addition to the X and Y axes, bringing the Omni 3 capability to a whole new dimension. Rapidly inspect parts up to five times quicker when compared to outdated manual inspection methods.

Object Counting App – Automatically identify and count the number of objects within your region of interest. Increasing inspection efficiency by 70% whilst eliminating human error.  Report generation is quick and simple for easy documentation and traceability.

Colour Analysis App – Advanced algorithms automatically calculate the colour value of any sample. Identify contaminants or foreign objects within the sample. Eliminate human error and improve yield by up to 50%. Reports can be generated for easy documentation and traceability.

The OMNI 3 deliver one of the most advanced and intuitive digital microscope experiences within the industry.

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