Smart Sensor Seamless Adhesive Bead Inspection

The inspection of adhesives and sealants is a critical quality control step in the assembly process with more advanced technology products utilizing bonding techniques. To meet this challenge, LMI has introduced its Gocator all-in-one 3D smart sensors as a complete solution to ensure correct bead volume and location without overflow or breaks.

In glue bead inspection, applications the measurement needs to verify cross-sectional volume and shape of the sealant along an irregular path at equidistant points. To achieve this type of inspection would normally require the development of  special-purpose measurement tools. The new Surface Track tool from LMI provides a significantly faster and easier tool-kit providing a seamless inspection solution.

Surface Track is built-into the LMI Gocator® sensor allowing quality control and inspection to be performed along the defined path based on representative scan data. This tool is especially useful for inspecting materials such as glue and sealant beads. The Surface Track tool returns global (i.e., min/max/average) width, height, offset, and continuity measurements of the specified material at defined points along the path by analyzing 3D cross-sectional shape. It also provides pass/fail counts (OK/NG), which allow users to effectively monitor material overflow and breaks. A track can be made for any shape required. The main advantage of the Surface Track tool is that it removes the need to configure individual tools for each location along the measurement path.

Surface Track measures:

  • Width of track
  • Height at center
  • Offset from the defined path
  • Continuity (finding breaks)
  • Material overflow

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