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Smart Ring Light For Digital Microscopes Launched

Tagarno has launched a smart ring light for its digital microscopes. The correct lighting when analyzing a magnified object is a prerequisite for performing flawless quality control. To help businesses achieve this, Danish company Tagarno has launched an integrated smart ring light, which provides a high quality light source, promoting improved consistency and efficiency during inspection processes.

Right Light Sets The Scene

To perform a high level of quality control, it is crucial to get a clear and exact view of the sample. Therefore it is important that the light provided when performing the quality analysis lights up all areas of the samples and that nothing is left in the dark. Due to the thoughtful placement of the LEDs, the new ring light from Tagarno provides an even and accurate light, enabling the user to get a clear view of the sample.

Using Presets To Ensure Quality Consistency

The ring light has been integrated into the microscope software, which allows users to easily customize light settings and to save the most used light settings and magnification levels as presets to simply recall when needed. This prevents the operator from manually adjusting the settings every time, resulting in enriched work flows and stability across inspections.

What I like the most about the new ring light is the integration in the system software as well as tool free mount and adjustments, which makes the user experiences even more intuitive and good” says Mikael Berggren, Desab Elektroniksystem AB, Tagarno Master Distributor in Sweden.

Customizing The Analysis

With 48 LEDs at 21000 LUX and a user based and intuitive approach to the control and customization of the ring light, the user can easily choose a suitable light intensity, segmentation and rotation of the light to suit the specific magnified sample and work process for their work station. By adding different lenses and filters, the operator is able to further control the light to suit the specific needs.

Proper Lighting Plays An Important Role

Launching a new ring light was the next natural step for Tagarno, a business dedicated to improving quality control processes in businesses.

We know that high image quality during inspection is a requirement to help businesses control the quality of their products and that proper lighting plays a huge role here” says Tagarno CEO, Betina Svendsen Ebdrup. ”With the new ring light, we offer businesses a smart solution that helps them be more efficient and secure a high quality level of the product anywhere and anytime.”

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