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Smart Laser Line Scanner Delivers 3200 Points Per Profile

Keyence has introduced its LJ-X8000 3D Laser Profiler delivering 3200 points per profile allowing the sensor to perform inline inspection without compromising accuracy. The sensor is designed to handle a wide-range of applications from profile measurement to 3D inspection.

A laser line is emitted from the sensor to illuminate the surface of the target; the reflected light is imaged by the CMOS to create a profile of the surface which is then be used for measurement and inspection. Six LJ-X8000 models comprise the product line-up with laser line width ranging from 8 mm to 720 mm.

Each high resolution profile contains 3200 data points allowing the shape of targets can be rendered in exceptional detail. Newly developed shape processing algorithms minimise the effect of noise and eliminate tracking errors. By using an ultra-sensitive CMOS with wide dynamic range, the sensor can produce stable profiles on any target, including those with colour variation. The profiler is equipped with an LED right adjacent to the laser transmitter which illuminates the area on the measurement target that is currently being captured by the laser.

Maximizing Resolution and Target Detection

To improve the resolution of a sensor, the number of pixels on the CMOS needs to be increased, which can be accomplished by making
each pixel smaller. But smaller pixels can result in insufficient light to create an accurate profile of some target shapes or surfaces.
In the LJ-X Laser Profiler series Keyence has implemented new technology to create a laser profiler capable of high resolution measurement on any target including:

  • Cylindrical Lens – Parallel light is emitted using a cylindrical lens designed to prevent the reflected light from scattering across the surface of the target ensuring reliable reflections from any shape or surface.
  • Large-Aperture Receiver Lens – In addition to the unique optical design, a large-aperture light-receiving lens covers three times the area of a conventional lens to deliver an increased amount of received light.
  • High-resolution CMOS – A newly developed CMOS enables high-resolution measurement using 3200 points/profile, while delivering improved imaging capability on targets with varying reflectivity.
  • Single Shot HDR Function – The profiler is equipped with an ultra-high-sensitivity CMOS featuring a single-shot HDR function which provides the sensor with a dynamic range wide enough to reliably measure targets with multiple surface types (or areas of low
    reflectance and high reflectance) in a single shot.

An intuitive user interface reduces sensor setup time with the incorporation of a 3-step configuration. The user adds inspections by selecting from a list of available tools using visual icons, automatically tune the sensor by selecting the desired sensitivity and applies position correction to have inspection regions track with a feature’s location. The smart sensor requires no external software.

3D Position Correction With 3D Position Tracking

Once the system is configured, the alignment and tilt of each part passing the sensor is calculated by comparing to a reference image. Each measurement tool will automatically latch on to the correct location, and eliminate any errors due to part misalignment.

Suggested applications for the sensor include automotive flush and gap measurements, sealant bead height, width and volume, character recognition on cast surfaces, weld shape inspection, 360° surface inspection, electronic mounted components inspections.

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