Automated Precision Smart Factory Dimensional Inspection System Launched

Automated Precision, Inc., (API) has developed a fully automated non-contact inspection which enables users to scan reflective surfaces with precision and accuracy over a large working volume. The Smart Factory Dimensional Inspection System (SFDIS) is made up of 3 basic components: API’s RapidScan, Laser Tracker, and an Industrial Robotic.

Using a laser tracker ensures total accuracy of the system by circumventing the inaccuracy of the robot.

SFDIS dynamically and accurately controls robotic movement by combining laser tracker technology with API’s scanning solution the company is able to track and verify the robots positioning.

The system features four Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMRs) mounted on API’s RapidScan Sensor providing high accuracy measurements. Ideal for automotive and aerospace applications, SFDIS is a true 6 DOF measurement system configurable for multiple part sizes (both large and small components) and is applicable in both off-line inspection cells and in-line integrated inspection applications.

The unique attributes of the SFDIS system are made possible by API’s RapidScan 3D sensor. RapidScan uses ultra-high dynamic sensing and a patented feature detection technology for accurate scanning. RapidScan3D sensor features:

  • Variable resolution (based on application requirement)
  • Ultra-high dynamic sensing
  • Infra-Red Random Dot projection
  • Subpixel edge detection

These unique features make RapidScan ideal for the scanning of reflective surfaces such as sheet metal, painted sheet metal, carbon composite material and machined parts. RapidScan can compensate for any lighting condition to extract exact features.

SFDIS with RapidScan technology is recommended for Model Based Manufacturing and Inspection and applications include:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Functional Build
  • Fixture Replacement
  • CMM Replacement
  • Part to Part and Part to CAD Comparison

SFDIS is modular and configurable to variety of applications in automotive and aerospace industries – from large scale sheet metal parts, plastic parts, polished surface or any texture, metals and composites.

The API Smart Factory Inspection System reduces measurement time and increases productivity for Customers requiring higher shop floor throughput and an automated inspection solution.

SFDIS’s simple part programming with integrated user Interface allows for faster shop floor inspection and includes automatic calibration, laser projection for part alignment, “Pass or Fail” Option, SPC capability, Automatic report generation, and optional probe configuration for internal features.

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