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Smart Distance Measurement Sensor Handles Highly Reflective Surfaces

Displacement and distance measurements on highly reflective surfaces such as plastics, mirrored glass or metals require special laser sensors. The Micro Epsilon  optoNCDT 1750DR sensor generates stable signals due to a real-time surface compensation feature which enables the exposure time to be controlled. Its compact design with integrated controller allows the installation even in restricted installation spaces.

Displacement and distance measurements on strongly reflecting surfaces are a challenge for conventional laser sensors, as these are actually designed for diffuse reflection. The optoNCDT 1750DR has been specifically developed for reflective surfaces and measures based on the principle of direct reflection while being aligned in such a way that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Special evaluation algorithms compensate for the light which is back-scattered at high intensity. Moreover, the sensor performs real-time surface compensation allowing exposure control in real time compensating for fluctuating reflectivity and generating stable measurement values with high accuracy.

Its compact design with integrated controller make the sensor ideally suited to restricted installation spaces. Mounting and wiring are easy as no external controller unit is required. The mounting template included enables the user to align the sensor correctly. The laser class 1 rating of the sensor negates additional safety precautions from the emitted laser power of max. 390 µW with the laser sensor being operated using an intuitive web interface. Due to the selectable settings and evaluation possibilities, it is ideal for industrial applications with high dynamics.

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