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Smart Connected Checking Fixtures Integrate To Quality 4.0

As technology advances, as well as the need to reduce non-quality related costs, it prompts that frequent quality controls are giving way to in-line controls .

These ‘in-line’ controls are characterized by controlling several points of 100% of the production in a short cycle. The possibility of executing these controls through Smart Gauges or intelligent control tools combines the efficiency in the control together with the alarms and the analysis of millions of data in a platform like Kapture.IO.

The Smart Gauges are intelligent control tools designed by the Tecnomatrix team equipped with the sensors and connectivity required for measuring in real time 100% of production and facilitating analysis and automated production alarms. In addition, they can also allow rework on the tool itself, collecting very valuable information on the effectiveness of the rework according to the defect, its frequency, etc.

100% control of production through intelligent control tools facilitates quick decisions and better causality and traceability analysis. The data of the controls and their corresponding reports, together with other environmental data such as the place of measurement or temperature are accessible in real time by all authorized personnel, including (if necessary) personnel external to the organization. All of this has an impact on more efficient manufacturing and lower non-quality costs.

The collection and treatment of large volumes of data also opens up a wide range of possibilities, from providing feedback to production processes to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins, all with the aim of manufacturing Zero Defects.

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