Smart Automatic Zoom Lens Introduced For Video Measuring Machines

Mvotem Optics has introduced its Smart high resolution Automatic Zoom Lens with “Linear Motion System” for use with Video Measuring Machines (VCMM) and Multi-Sensor CMMs. The compact system has on-board motion control and therefor requires no external drive control, like traditional zoom lenses, and is easily integrated with communication to PC via RS232 open protocol.

The Automatic Zoom Lens design utilizes linear motion rather than the traditional curved drive eliminating long term imaging errors causes by system wear. In addition the linear zoom lens does not require “return to zero” since dynamic zoom position is recorded with real-time encoding.

The complete zoom lens assembly size is 109mm x 66mm and weights just 321g.

The Mvotem zoom lens 7.0X offers high contrast and ultra-low image distortion with a maximum distortion of less than 0.012%.

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